Behavior Guidelines

Membership Guidelines Of Behavior

It is the desire of the Heartland Naturist to create a safe and friendly environment where members and their guests can enjoy each other’s company based on mutual respect. Consideration for others, common sense, and a few simple guidelines will help everyone create and sustain the special atmosphere that characterizes our gatherings. The open, relaxed, and inclusive nature of our events is only possible because of the dedication of every member of the Heartland Naturists to preserve it. We all have an obligation to watch out for one another and to assure everyone’s safety and comfort.

*Respect Other Members' And Guests' Anonymity - While you may run into someone you know at our events, it is NEVER appropriate to tell others outside our organization or events the names of persons who were in attendance. The only exception is if they have given their permission to do so. Even then, it is not recommended that you do so.

*Members are responsible for the behavior of their guests - If you will be bringing someone with you to one of our functions, you will have to forward their information to the officers via email at just as if they were coming on their own. Please make sure that whomever you bring knows and agrees to abide by these Guidelines Of Behavior. Your membership could be in jeopardy if your guest acts inappropriately.

*Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children at Heartland Naturist events - Members are expected to be present with their children and are responsible for ensuring that their children's behavior is appropriate for the setting and does not interfere with others' enjoyment of the event.

*Always bring your own towel and sit on it - Simple courtesy means a lot. It is a universal practice of naturists to always use a towel to sit on when nude, whether it is at a private residence or a commercial facility.

*Smoking rules will depend upon the facility - Smoking is generally not permitted at Heartland Naturists events that are held indoors. Smoking may also be prohibited at outdoor activities, depending on the wishes of the host facility. If smoking is permitted, please be considerate of others with your second hand smoke and dispose of ashes and remnants in a proper container.

*Photography and videography is generally prohibited - The presence of cameras is unsettling to many nudists. Many nudists do not wish to have their photograph taken for various reasons. At most events, cameras are not allowed unless a Heartland Naturists Officer has given their approval beforehand. Even then, photographs/video are only permitted when the individual has the explicit permission of everyone who is the subject of, or anyone who will be visible in, the picture/video. In an effort to safeguard everyone, photographs of children are not permitted to be taken at any Heartland Naturist events. The only exception will be made for parents who wish to take photos of their own children only. Please do not ask for an exception as none will be given.

*Please respect the personal space of all individuals - It is everyone’s right to be free of unwanted attention. “No” means no! If you ever encounter someone who does not respect this rule, please report them to a Heartland Naturists officer. If you don't report the incident, you are putting the whole organization at risk. Please do not allow unwanted attention, advances, jokes or comments to continue by not reporting them to the Heartland Naturists Officers. We want to know of any occurrence (minor or major) to protect the comfort and safety of our members and guests at our events.

*Some natural expression of affection is allowed - Our gatherings are distinguished from those of some other naturist groups by our openness towards natural expressions of affection. When events are held at facilities that permit it, you will find a wide range of wholesome expressions of affection from hand holding to hugging and massage. Sexual activity is not appropriate and will not be tolerated at any Heartland Naturists event. There is a distinct difference between affection and sexual activity. Please use common sense. Our organization is NOT a sex club, a dating service, a singles club, or a swingers club, so if this is what you are looking for, please go elsewhere. Such behavior will not be tolerated and will result in your being banned from future functions and you will lose your membership in the Heartland Naturists permanently. If you have questions about what is permissible, please ask a Heartland Naturists officer to clarify.

*Weapons are prohibited from all Heartland Naturists events - Please do not bring firearms or other weapons to our events. You will be asked to leave the event if you do.

*Illegal drugs - Naturists are ordinary people who observe normal ethics and laws, the only difference is that naturists prefer to be nude when and where it is appropriate. As such the presence or use of illegal substances at Heartland Naturist functions will not be tolerated. Any individual possessing or using such substances at Heartland Naturist events will be banned from attending future functions of the Heartland Naturist and will lose their membership in the Heartland Naturists permanently. The Heartland Naturists cannot portray the wholesomeness of nudity to the public if it is under legal scrutiny for unrelated issues such as drug possession and use.

*Alcohol - Alcohol is not permitted at some Heartland Naturists events, typically depending on the host facility. At Heartland Naturists events where alcohol is permitted, alcohol may be consumed in moderation by members and guests of legal age so long as it does not lead to undesirable behaviors. If you cannot consume alcohol and also abide by the Guidelines Of Conduct, we advise that you do not consume alcohol. Alcohol consumption is not permitted at our monthly swims due to our host facility rules. If alcohol is prohibited at any particular Heartland Naturists event and you bring it, you will be asked to dispose of it, store it in your vehicle, or leave the event altogether as the judgement of Heartland Naturists board members present dictates. We also ask that you please do not show up intoxicated to our events, as this places our members', guests', and your safety in jeopardy.

*Body Piercings - As a naturist organization, one of the goals we work toward and strive for is body acceptance. We ask that any piercings that could be a safety issue be removed prior to our event.

*Tattoos - Tattoos are not forbidden. However, we do have children present at many events, so we would ask that any tattoos with vulgar language or obscene depictions be covered, or that conscious effort be made to prevent children from viewing them.

*If you're not sure, please ask - If you ever have any questions as to whether something is okay or not, remember the following: Your conduct should be conduct which requires no apologies.

(Print, sign, and turn in this page only)

I acknowledge receiving the Heartland Naturists Guidelines for Behavior and agree to abide by them at all Heartland Naturist events. I understand that intentional behavior in contradiction of these guidelines may result in termination of membership and banishment from club activities. I also agree to ensure that any guest(s) that I bring to a Heartland Naturist event are aware of these guidelines and abide by them.

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A signed copy of these Behavior Guidelines is a required part of your application for membership. All members must make sure all their guests at Heartland Naturists events also abide by these guidelines. You can get a printable version here.