Events &

The Heartland Naturists have various events every year, including camping, bowling, house parties, a monthly skinny dip, nude skydiving, and more...

We also have a three-day, family-friendly nudist festival in July with all sorts of activities, food, and live music, called the Heartland Naturist Festival (HNF). The event started in 2000 as a simple 5k Sun Run, but in recent years has blossomed into the largest gathering of nudists in this part of the country! Some events we have are giant games, lake skinny dipping, live music, a DJ dance/body painting party, a night luminary walk, bonfire, yoga, and the traditional 5k Sun Run - all nude!

The accompanying calendar shows upcoming scheduled events, but new ones will be added as they are finalized.

For the safety and comfort of our guests and members, our event locations are not disclosed publicly. Anyone who wishes to attend an event must contact us and pass our screening process before being granted access.