We've compiled some frequently asked questions about the Heartland Naturist Festival.  If you have a question that is not addressed here, please e-mail us at and ask.

Is there a backup date? Will the festival go on if rain is forecast?
There is no backup date. Due to the popularity of the host facility, it is booked nearly continuously all summer. For that reason, we have to pick a date early in the year and hope for good weather. If it rains, there will be plenty of activities planned at a large pavilion that will shelter us from the rain. If there is enough rain to affect the Sun Run route, the route will be modified, but will go on at the scheduled time. The only reason we would delay or cancel the run is in the case of heavy rain or lightning occurring at the time. If the forecast shows potential for rain, we would suggest you bring an umbrella so you can walk from the pavilion to the restroom facilities (or other places on property) and keep dry.

Does the facility have running water, showers, and toilets?
The facility does have a bath house with running hot/cold water. It has sinks, toilets, and showers. The bath house is located down a long stairwell from our camping field. The walk down to the bath house will take 5 to 10 minutes, depending on where your campsite is on the field. There are also porta-potties located in various places for convenience.


Are dogs allowed?
Dogs are allowed with stipulations. Dogs must be kept on leashes, and owners are fully responsible for their actions and cleaning up after them. Dogs are not allowed in the pavilion during meal times. PLEASE make sure your dog has plenty of water. Kansas July weather is usually hot, windy, and humid. Adequate hydration for people and animals is very important.


Are there electrical hookups for a CPAP or other necessary device?
There are a few electrical hookups in one particular area. If you require electricity for a medical device, please inquire with us. You will likely need to share the hookups with others, but by using extension cords and power strips, several people can be accommodated.


Are children allowed?
Yes. We are a family-friendly organization and children are welcome with their parent or legal guardian. The supervision, safety and behavior of all persons 17 or under are the responsibility of their parent or guardian. Children 12 or under are to be in the direct presence and supervision of their parent or guardian. Swimmers under age 14 must be accompanied by a Parent or guardian. Remember, swim at your own risk, no lifeguards are provided.


Is the campsite near parking, or can I park at the campsite?
If the weather is dry, you can drive across the field to your site. However, if it has rained and the field is soft, you'll have to park in a gravel parking area designated for loading/unloading and carry your gear to the site. At most, this would be 100 yards if you select the farthest site. After unloading, your car would need to be moved to another designated parking area about 100 yards farther away. If the field is soft and people have to unload/carry, we should have volunteers that will help carry your gear.


What should I bring?
Mostly typical camping equipment. Tent, bedding, camp chairs, towels (to sit on, for showering), flashlight(s), any medicines you may need, sunscreen, bug spray (ticks can be an issue depending on the weather and where on property you go), sun glasses, hats. I'd also suggest refillable water thermoses to carry a supply of water with you. We will provide cold bottled and thermos water at our information pavilion, but it's a long hike to the beach, so you'd want to make sure to take plenty with you. Staying hydrated is very important when you're outside for two or three days in the Kansas July heat. If you will be running or walking the 5k on Sunday, I would suggest good walking shoes as some of the course terrain is rocky and may be hazardous barefoot or in flip flops. The event will occur rain or shine. If it rains, we do have a large pavilion with a stage that everyone can get under and enjoy games and music. If that happens, you might want to have an umbrella to go between the pavilion, your tent, and the restrooms. Generally rain in the summer is intense but short-lived.


Can you take credit cards for payment on-site?
We will take a credit card for fee payment online before the event. However, we won't be able to take a credit card at the facility. It is a rural area where cell service is limited. Some cell phones work fine (Sprint and AT&T) while others do not (Verizon signal is only available in small areas of the property).


Is photography allowed? Will others be taking photos/video?
Photography is generally prohibited. If you suspect someone is taking photos without permission, report it to a member of staff (identified by a yellow wrist band) and we will handle the situation. Everyone is watchful for this, but we have never had an issue with photography in the past 15 years of the event. If someone is discovered taking photos without permission, they will be removed from the event, banned from all future events, and no refunds will be issued.


Will my registration information, name, and participation be kept private?
We keep participant information private. It is not shared or published. We use the information for registration, payment information, background checking, and potentially to contact you with additional important event information. We all value our own privacy and strive to protect everyone's privacy in the process.


What participant screening is done for safety?
Upon registering, we will ask for the first/last name of all persons registering, as well as city/state of residence (full address not required). We use that information to do a background check for sexual offender or criminal history. Those deemed a potential threat to the safety or comfort of the event will be denied. We also have law enforcement in our group, and their job requires that they not associate with known felons, so anyone with a felony would not be permitted.


How many people attend? What are the age ranges?
Attendance has grown tremendously in the past few years. We expect to have between 75 and 100 people each day. Ages for past events have ranged from infants a few weeks old to adults in their 80's. There is a relatively even distribution across the 30 to 50 ages, with fewer in the younger and older age ranges.


I don't want to camp, are there cabins onsite or nearby motels?
There are a few cabins at the facility. They do fill up well in advance, so inquiring early is best. Entire Cabin (up to 8 people): $120; Half Cabin (up to 4 people): $60; Individual Bunk $15. Note that if you do not reserve the whole cabin, you probably will be sharing the cabin with others. There are motels in either Leavenworth or Lawrence, each about 30 to 40 minutes drive from the Festival.


I would like to bring an RV. Are there hookups? What are the additional fees?
There are RV hookups for electricity, but not for water or sewage. They do not have a dump station, so please plan accordingly. There is an additional $15 impact fee per RV vehicle entry. If you plan to bring an RV (either class A or trailer), please note that in your registration. We will reserve a spot for you and someone will direct you to it when you arrive.

Didn't see your question? Send us an e-mail at and we'll be happy to answer!