Membership in the Heartland Naturists is awesome!

Members of the Heartland Naturists are some of the nicest people around. Time after time, people tell us that we've got the best group of nudists they've ever met. We think you'll agree!

How Do I Join?

Your first visit to a swim to 'get your feet wet' will allow us to get to know each other. There is no obligation to join as a member that first time. If you decide to come back - and we know you will - you can choose between three membership levels: Trial, Swim, or Full. Once the board votes to approve your membership, you can pay your dues in person, by mail, or online.

If you are unsure about joining after your first swim, you can apply for a Trial Membership. This membership is good for two months, and allows you to attend up to two additional swims to help you make your decision whether to move up to the Swim or Full membership, or decide that our group is not a fit for you.

The annual Swim Membership allows you to attend the monthly swims throughout the year at the reduced member rate. While it does not give access to other HN events or voting rights, it is perfect for those who want to take an occasional skinny dip with us.

The annual Full Membership gives you full access to all HN events - swims, house parties, bowling, and more! It also gives you voting rights when selecting leadership and deciding on changes to make the club better. This is the best membership for those who want to fully enjoy our nudist community and get to know each other!

Safety and Privacy

Safety and privacy are important to everyone, so rest assured that your personal information will be protected. We do not share or sell the information. We use it to perform background checks on anyone that requests admittance to our events before they are allowed to attend. We do this for safety, comfort, and peace of mind for our members and guests, including you.

We reserve the right to deny membership and access to anyone we deem a threat to others or to the safe, comfortable, and friendly environment we provide.

We deny membership to anyone on the National Sex Offender Registry and anyone with an active Felony conviction. Several of our members are in law enforcement and they cannot associate with felons, regardless of the type of felony.

Membership Application Online

Printable Application

Guidelines For Behavior

Current Membership Rates

Full Membership (annual):
 -- $48 Local Single
 -- $60 Local Couple/Family

Swim Membership (annual):
 -- $20 Per Adult (minor children attend as guests of their parent)

Trial Membership (two months**):
 -- $5 Per Adult

 -- Full-time Student 75% Off
 -- Youth (18-25) 75% Off
 -- Senior (65+) $6 Off
 -- Distance (75 miles or greater) 50%

*Discounts apply to Full Membership only and may not be combined.
*Student discount with proof of full-time status.

**Trial Memberships are offered one-time only to new attendees.