We tend to hear the same questions time and time again, so below are some of those questions with our standard answer. If you have any questions, please feel free to send an e-mail to Info@HeartlandNaturists.com and we will gladly answer them.

I am a single nudist. Are there other singles at your club I can try to date?
We want to stress that we are not a dating, swinging, or pick-up group. If you come to one of our events expecting to find receptive singles to hit on or date, you will be disappointed. A majority of our members and guests are married or in a relationship and have no interest in anyone else. People come to our events to relax and have fun nude. Anyone trying to use our events as a place to meet or hit on other nudists will get a firm rebuke from anyone they approach. If they persist, they will be told to leave our event and will be barred from future events.
Will people stare, laugh, or mock me because of the way I look?
Absolutely not! Nudists come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and with various scars and handicaps. While no one is perfect, we strive to be as accepting as possible of anyone who attends our events.
I shave particular parts of my body or all of my body. Is this acceptable?
Along with being accepting of body shapes, sizes, etc., we are also accepting of anyone who chooses to shave. Whether you shave or not is not important to us. What is important is how you behave at our events.
I have a tattoo or multiple tattoos. Is that okay?
We have no prohibition against tattoos. The only concern we would have is if your tattoos include profanity or obscene graphics. We typically have several young children at our events, so we have to be sensitive to the language and images they are exposed to. If you are unsure, please contact us about it before attending an event.
I have genital piercings and/or genital jewelry. Is that okay?
We have no specific ban on genital jewelry. We strive to provide a non-sexual environment for our guests and members. If your genital jewelry draws exceptional attention to the genitals, is overtly sexual, or could be considered a safety hazard during the event, we ask that you remove the jewelry. If you have questions, please ask.
Aren't nudists hippies and druggies?
Not at all! If you want to know what a nudist is like, go to your local mall. Look at the first 100 people who come through the front door. That's what nudists look like. We are a cross-section of society. We come from various professions, ethnic backgrounds, body types, and any other classification you wish to use.
Are nudists/naturists dirty/smelly because they like nature so don't use soaps or deodorants?
Not at all! While some naturists are also very enthusiastic about using natural products and being conscious about their impact to the environment, that is not what all nudists are like. Nudists/naturists come from various professions, ethnic backgrounds, body types, and any other classification you wish to use. As such, a majority of nudists/naturists use the same hygiene products that the rest of society does.