So, this is your first time...


Maybe you've always wondered about nudism/naturism and finally want to give it a try. Or maybe you just stumbled onto a website and thought it sounded intriguing. Or maybe your spouse, friend, or significant other wants you to go along with him or her. Or maybe you're doing research for a school paper, book, or news story.


No matter your situation, every nudist has had their very first experience with social nudity. While a few of us grew up in a nudist home, the vast majority of us discovered nudism later in life. We've all had the pre-event jitters and questions. Will people stare, laugh, or reject me? Will people approach me with unwanted attention, maybe even be a physical threat? Will I be the ugliest person there?


And the list of fearful questions goes on and on...  Until you actually arrive at the event, take off your clothes, and join in a game of water volleyball, a board game, a great conversation, or some great music. Shortly after you embrace the experience, you'll wonder what the big deal was. You won't even be able to conjure the feelings of dread and anxiety you had before. You will no longer understand how someone can be so afraid of being seen nude because you will have the understanding that it's not so earth shattering as you had imagined it would be.


No one stared, laughed, or mocked. Most likely, no one really noticed when you came in. But everyone was friendly, accepting, and fun. You'll find that the freedom and comfort of being clothes-free with others is extremely relaxing. You'll probably feel the weight of society's pressure to look a certain way lift away, and you'll realize why nudists are always smiling!


Soon, you'll actually forget that you are nude and that others around you are nude. It's strange to non-nudists, but it is true. You stop seeing bodies and soon begin to see people. The scars and blemishes of life fade away and only the person remains.


"It all sounds great!" you may say. "But I'm afraid to take that first step. How do I walk into a room of strangers and drop my clothes?"


We understand completely that being nude around strangers is very difficult for a lot of people. If you have a nudist friend to accompany you, it will make it easier. But, if you don't have a nudist friend, we have an option for you.


We have begun a mentoring program for people like you. Several of our veteran members have volunteered to meet with those who are anxious about their first time. They are prepared to answer questions about nudism and about the Heartland Naturists. They can arrange to meet with you at a restaurant or coffeehouse so you can get to know each other a little and ask questions. When you arrive at your first event, you can confidently walk in with your nudist friend.


Believe me - we have all had the first-time jitters. But now that we're beyond those, we are friends with some great nudist people who accept each other as they are. We hope you will be on the other side looking back with us soon!


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